Extreme hiking in Sierra and The Guardian

We’re seeing more and better coverage of hiking in the media, I think that’s fair to say. Here are today’s examples. From Sierra (magazine) a sponsored content story about two hikers, young women, working their way up the length of the Americas. 20,000 miles. Which will take years. The hikers’ next challenge is to makeContinue reading “Extreme hiking in Sierra and The Guardian”

John Muir, meet RuPaul. RuPaul, meet…

You have to know hiking/backpacking is surging in popularity when TV stars take it up. From the fluffy Saturday section in the Los Angeles Times, a charming interview with the famous drag queen/unway artist RuPaul: How has your life changed since you picked it up? I feel great throughout the day because I've gotten so muchContinue reading “John Muir, meet RuPaul. RuPaul, meet…”

The Supreme Court Justice/Hiker

Tough Timothy Egan of The New York Times reveals what the right-wing D.C. establishment really thinks of retiring Chief Justice David Souter…that he's weird because he likes to walk in the mountains. Souter’s been painted as a strange, little man stranded in the wrong century…. At his 200-year-old family farmhouse — badly in need ofContinue reading “The Supreme Court Justice/Hiker”