New climate rhetoric: “the least worst of all possible worlds”

What makes a t-shirt about the grim future cool? An even-greater-than usual recent episode of Radiolab focused on this question. It found a route into the question through a bizarre fact: an ultra-obscure philosophical book from Zero Press called In the Dust of this Planet has overnight (well, this past year) become a fashion/cultural icon ofContinue reading “New climate rhetoric: “the least worst of all possible worlds””

The Superbowl: National Day of Capitalism

Hype is the point, writes Hampton Stevens:   The Super Bowl is our National Day of Capitalism—a feast and party that's mercifully without the least bit of spiritual underpinning. It's a celebration of commercialism and consumerism, and consumption for consumptions' sake. Today we slurp and cho down as much food and drink as humanly possible. We payContinue reading “The Superbowl: National Day of Capitalism”

Horror in Happy Valley: The Jerry Sandusky Movie

The scene: a nice little college town, where everyone is happy and peppy and civic minded, and really loves the football team. Someone from Colorado or someplace, transfers into town for a new job and … starts noticing things. It turns out that the town patriarch (Paterno) isn’t even the ruler… Something Else is… AContinue reading “Horror in Happy Valley: The Jerry Sandusky Movie”