The president as a man in the world: JFK

Love love love this picture, taken by a friend of JFK’s, who allowed its publication for the first time last week in, natch, the NYTimes. This speaks to me and, I suspect, many Americans because it embodies a big part of what made JFK special. Although (as the article eloquently reveals) he is not the firstContinue reading “The president as a man in the world: JFK”

What Obama has in common w/JFK…and Kurt Cobain

In a recent interview with Franklin Foer of The New Republic, Barack Obama said he liked to shoot: FF: Have you ever fired a gun?  BO: Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time. FF: The whole family? BO: Not the girls, but oftentimes guests of mine go upContinue reading “What Obama has in common w/JFK…and Kurt Cobain”