Enviro lawsuit challenges Ojai water system — for good?

A week or so ago I had the opportunity to write a story about a monster lawsuit filed against the City of Ventura, which allegedly is taking so much water from the Ventura River that it's threatening the endangered steelhead trout. The story for the Ojai Valley News began this way: Last September, an environmentalContinue reading “Enviro lawsuit challenges Ojai water system — for good?”

Hansen Faces Hatred and Death Threats

I interviewed author Mark Bowen a year ago about James Hansen, the great climatologist, with whom Bowen wrote the book Censoring Science. Somehow the discussion went to the intensity of reaction against Hansen from those who refuse to accept the reality of global warming. Bowen mentioned that Hansen had gotten some death threats. He saidContinue reading “Hansen Faces Hatred and Death Threats”