David Foster Wallace, loneliness, and the confusions of Eros

A poet named Nate Klug strikes to the heart in a recent Poetry Daily entry called Aporia: Aporia Not little by little, as concerto strings or doctrines like to disappear, leaving time to think. No—skin pulled taut around jaw and fierce cheek, seen from the side in the sea of the bed: none now thatContinue reading “David Foster Wallace, loneliness, and the confusions of Eros”

Understanding Edward Hopper’s popularity — or trying to

In the New York Review of Books, the late poet Mark Strand ruminates on a great exhibit of Hopper's career, focusing on his remarkably graceful drawings, and the sadness that comes off his work: Recent major exhibitions in London, Paris, Rome, and Madrid testify to the universality of [Hopper's] appeal. It couldn’t be just the way New York looked inContinue reading “Understanding Edward Hopper’s popularity — or trying to”