How to make classic movies not sexist: McSweeney’s

This was one of the top ten columns on McSweeney's often hilarious Internet Tendencies site in 2014. Classic Movies changed to not be sexist My faves: Gone With The Wind Rhett kisses and grabs at Scarlett against her will. Scarlett informs Rhett that though they are married, she still has autonomy over her body andContinue reading “How to make classic movies not sexist: McSweeney’s”

Marlon Brando ambles insolently onstage: Paglia

Camille Paglia describes a familiar scene, and makes it new: Marlon Brando, carrying a “red-stained package” from the butcher and sporting blue-denim work clothes as the lordly, proletarian Stanley Kowalski, ambles insolently onstage at the opening of Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire. “Bellowing” for his adoring yet tart-tongued wife, Stanley is the strutting maleContinue reading “Marlon Brando ambles insolently onstage: Paglia”