Obama Mocks McCain on Fiscal Policy

Two or three days in a row now, Barack Obama has flat-out mocked John McCain’s attempts to stumble through a fiscal crisis that has taken American values — stock, home, and interest numbers — backwards to the 2004 era. You know the story. Home values are down, stock prices are down. In Southern California, homesContinue reading “Obama Mocks McCain on Fiscal Policy”

Not Against the Environment: Against Environmentalists

Sometimes I think rightwingers (I’m talking about you, Jonah) write these columns just to drive enviros up the wall. It’s such malarkey, to put it politely. Goldberg admits he’s no environmentalist, blames John Muir for environmentalism (which of course includes heinous measures to improve air quality, water quality, and reduce energy consumption) and claims he’sContinue reading “Not Against the Environment: Against Environmentalists”