Free falling from disgrace: team Trump

The New York Times hired a new right-wing columnist about six months ago, and a couple of weeks of weeks back added a new leftist for the first time in a while, Michelle Goldberg, and what can I say but wow. She throws down almost as well as the recent Newsweek cover: So here’s where weContinue reading “Free falling from disgrace: team Trump”

Good News about Stress — Believe It or Don’t

Newsweek may be disappearing from newstands soon, but its medical coverage as of late has been superb. A couple of weeks ago came a story on The Two Sleeps that literally changed my life. (Instead of taking drastic measures to sleep through the night, do what nature suggests — sleep one shift, get up, takeContinue reading “Good News about Stress — Believe It or Don’t”

Newsweek Blesses Richard Lindzen, Ignores Pay-Offs from Western Fuels

Tomorrow Newsweek will publish an op-ed by well-known climate-change contrarian Richard Lindzen, in which he argues that global warming is nothing to worry about and may even be a good thing. "Why So Gloomy?" he wonders, adding "a warmer climate could be more beneficial than the one we have now." Reminds me of Voltaire’s famousContinue reading “Newsweek Blesses Richard Lindzen, Ignores Pay-Offs from Western Fuels”