Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz: The Pope

Via man around town Krist Novoselic, formerly of Nirvana, the new Popemobile:  And yes, that's Pope Benedict XVI with his new Mercedes (and its chief exec).   (For those curious about Paul McCartney filling in for Kurt Cobain at a Nirvana reunion for the Sandy benefit fund-raiser, here it is, via Slate. It's not Nirvana,Continue reading “Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz: The Pope”

Glee: Best TV show ever? A neuroscientific perspective

About ten years ago, while pursuing a story on the roots of depression, I tracked down the great scientist Jaak Panksepp, originator of the field of affective — that is, emotional — neuroscience, and he kindly let me interview him over the phone for half an hour.  Panksepp has spent years studying the physiology ofContinue reading “Glee: Best TV show ever? A neuroscientific perspective”

An Unknown Masterpiece

News came Friday of a big studio deal for an official Kurt Cobain biopic. Because it will be executive produced by widow Courtney Love’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, many will doubt its worth, or its ability to be truthful about Love. (Some Kurt fans still blame her for his death, explicitly or implicitly: see Kurt andContinue reading “An Unknown Masterpiece”