Woody Guthrie on Trump: “Racial Hate”

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and excellent Facebooker, quotes the fierce American folk singer, poet, and labor activist Woody Guthrie on an important man from the past who is still with us today. Donald Trump and his father Fred. Quote of the day: “I suppose Old Man Trump knows Just how much… Racial Hate heContinue reading “Woody Guthrie on Trump: “Racial Hate””

All Things Considered: Misjudging a catastrophe?

As a fan of National Public Radio, as someone who knows most of the reporters on All Things Considered by the sound of their voice, and as a reporter who knows how difficult it can be to get a fast-moving highly-technical story right, I tend to cut NPR some slack. But I must say, theirContinue reading “All Things Considered: Misjudging a catastrophe?”

GOP and FOX News attack NPR, to no avail

Unlike most media, on-line or traditional, National Public Radio is thriving. It may be the most popular and trusted news source in the country. As Bill McKibben reports:  Public radio claims at least 5 percent of the radio market. National Public Radio’s flagship news programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered, featuring news and commentaryContinue reading “GOP and FOX News attack NPR, to no avail”

A Cold Winter, A Good Rain, a Hot Spring

As we head into spring, it’s natural to take a look back at the winter of 2007-2008. This was a cold winter, both for those of us on the ground on the West Coast, and, unsurprisingly, for atmospheric measuring instruments. Variability in weather is of course still with, as is the chill associated with LaContinue reading “A Cold Winter, A Good Rain, a Hot Spring”

Diamond-Mining in Canada: Climate Change Hits A New Boomtown

Great story and conversation from Steve Inskeep of NPR, who recounts going to Yellowknife, Canada, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, which has become a boomtown thanks to diamond-mining..a boomtown now threatened by climate change. (National Public Radio helpfully provides a transcript and a slide-show.) But one of the charms of NPR is theirContinue reading “Diamond-Mining in Canada: Climate Change Hits A New Boomtown”

NPR Answers Questions on Climate Change

NPR science correspondents take questions from listeners on climate change — an excellent idea. One question they answer I heard asked to Bill McKibben just two weeks ago, about the effect of population on global carbon emissions. McKibben made a strong point that NPR glosses over in their answer. Most of the population growth inContinue reading “NPR Answers Questions on Climate Change”