Ta-Nehisi Coates: Not an optimist. Not on Twitter

The writer, journalist, and thinker Ta-Nehisi Coates has been embroiled in controversy for years now. Seemingly his every move attracts controversy, (for reasons mysterious to small-town hick yours truly). Near as I can tell Coates has not been doing anything another prominent and successful writer wouldn’t like to do, such as moving to Paris forContinue reading “Ta-Nehisi Coates: Not an optimist. Not on Twitter”

Try, try again for a climate bill in Washington

For all the flaws of the climate bill that passed the House but ground to a halt in the Senate this past winter, the need for action to reduce the risks of costs of climate change remains as acute as ever. The practical attitude towards this central question, as expressed recently by Ron Brownstein, anContinue reading “Try, try again for a climate bill in Washington”

Optimism: The True American Faith of Today

No doubt I spend too much time on the Internet, but I have to say it has its compensations…such as when a bright guy you’ve never met writes a little essay inspired by a thought from yours truly. Take a look at postmodern conservative Mr. James Poulos’ thoughts on optimism, which to me (and RodContinue reading “Optimism: The True American Faith of Today”