Poetry: the difference between objective and verifiable

Verifiable — which is also popularly characterized, imprecisely, as "objective" –doesn't necessarily mean numerical, as Belle Randall reminds us in a great letter to Poetry.  To put it another way, judging poetry (or writing, or human beings, for that matter) is not purely a matter of opinion. Not if the points can be proven. Mathematics isContinue reading “Poetry: the difference between objective and verifiable”

Sunday Morning on the Planet: The Problem of Describing Trees

The aspen glitters in the windand that delights us. The leaf flutters, turning.Because that motion in the heat of AugustProtects its cells from dryingout. Likewise the leafof the cottonwood. The gene pool threw up a wobbly steamAnd the tree danced. No.The tree capitalized.No. There are limits to saying,In language, what the tree did. It isContinue reading “Sunday Morning on the Planet: The Problem of Describing Trees”