On (almost) the same page: Virginia Woolf and Carl Jung

Great minds think alike, the nine zillionth example:

Virginia Woolf, from To the Lighthouse

"She felt…how life, from being made up of little separate incidents which one lived one by one, became curled and whole like a wave which bore one up with it and threw one down with it, there, with a dash on the beach." 


[painting of Woolf by her sister, Vanessa Bell]

Kathleen Edwards: Never Gonna Feel the Same

On tour last night in Ventura, the increasingly popular Kathleen Edwards concluded with her near-hit Change the Sheets, which opens: My love took a ride on a red-eye planeGoing homeAnd we're never gonna feel the sameChange this feeling under my feetChange the sheets and then change me This central idea reminds me of what aContinue reading “Kathleen Edwards: Never Gonna Feel the Same”