Why are we having Santa Ana conditions in May?

Just got another Santa Ana winds warning via phone app. Winds expected through Monday. The umpteenth such warning in the last few weeks. National meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters laid out the harsh weather experienced in Southern California this week already:  Record May heat sent temperatures soaring above 100° in much of Southern California on Wednesday,Continue reading “Why are we having Santa Ana conditions in May?”

Santa Ana winds, Ventura County, and fire: 2013

A couple of weeks ago I published a long story about climate change in Ventura County today but didn't mention shifts in the timng of Santa Ana winds. This despite the fact that from talking to Alex Hall of UCLA, a couple of years ago, I knew that evidence suggests that Santa Ana winds nowContinue reading “Santa Ana winds, Ventura County, and fire: 2013”

Santa Ana Wind Speeds — According to NASA

And, methinks the Earth Observatory knows of what they speak. On the aforementioned site, it’s explained how the satellite measures the wind speed over the water, which is astonishing: The strength and scope of these winds were observed by NASA’s QuikScat satellite at about 7 a.m. local time October 22. The wind speeds are shownContinue reading “Santa Ana Wind Speeds — According to NASA”