Is desalination the answer for drought in Ventura County?

Although climate change was hardly mentioned in the two-hour discussion of desalination led by Ventura County supervisor Steve Bennett last Thursday at the county government center, the question of drought has clearly been very much on the minds of water officials in the county. Even more alarming, possibly, might be an earthquake that could interrupt supplies toContinue reading “Is desalination the answer for drought in Ventura County?”

A deal to save the whales in the Santa Barbara Channel

So hard to keep up with even of a fraction of what is going on! But here for once is some maybe-semi-kind-of good news from the world of science and the environment. Research published this june has shown that over a period of fifteen years whales traveling with the California current along the coast haveContinue reading “A deal to save the whales in the Santa Barbara Channel”

Fleet Foxes flummox Santa Barbara

The lead singer and guitarist of the Fleet Foxes, Robin Pecknold, is reputed to be a perfectionist, and at the band's appearance at the Santa Barbara Bowl a week ago, he lived up to the description, spending half an hour directly before the show walking around the stage in plain view, pointing, talking to roadies,Continue reading “Fleet Foxes flummox Santa Barbara”

Why Santa Barbara Homes Burn and Ventura County Homes Don’t

The excellent story in the Ventura County Star doesn't come right out and say it, but essentially it's simple — homes built after modern fire codes are far less likely to burn. 'Specially on large lots: There are thousands of homes in Ventura County that, like Eichele’s, are on what fire officials call the “urban-wildlandContinue reading “Why Santa Barbara Homes Burn and Ventura County Homes Don’t”