Shale oil: Overhyped?

Two weeks ago at a conference on fracking in Agoura, an industry analyst named Gordon Pickering told about 150 geologically sophisticated insiders that natural gas companies are seeing rapid rates of decline in production in the Bakken formation in North Dakota. "It's requiring more and more drilling, and becoming increasingly energy intensive," he said. "TheContinue reading “Shale oil: Overhyped?”

Ojai Valley News: CA shale oil 3/5ths of Prudhoe Bay

In the Ojai Valley News, friend Marianne Ratliffe digs deep into the story of how fracking is coming to Ventura County in particular and the state of California in general, and uncovers a world of new information on the latest. Terrific story.  Here's the punchline, I think:  California is the fourth-largest oil-producing state in theContinue reading “Ojai Valley News: CA shale oil 3/5ths of Prudhoe Bay”