John D. MacDonald: Nature’s tricks of interdependence

The Florida-based mystery writer John D. MacDonald, who like his funny counterpart Carl Hiassen unabashedly displays a wide streak of caring for the land and the sea on which he lives, tells a story about the way of buzzards in The Lonely Silver Rain. This is the 21st and last of his great series of TravisContinue reading “John D. MacDonald: Nature’s tricks of interdependence”

The Smell of a Serial Killer

A young woman reporter from Vancouver known as raincoaster recounts her all-too-close encounter with Canada's worst serial killer. What she remembers best about pig farmer Robert Pickton is the way he smells: My family has farms, I know what pigs and pig farming smell like, and I know what a shower can do for that.Continue reading “The Smell of a Serial Killer”