Downbound Train: The kids think Springsteen is all right

At age 62, Bruce Springsteen is on tour, and the young bucks (or semi-young bucks) of today, including Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, are joining him on stage.  Good to see, and great to read a full-scale feature on Springsteen by the editor of The New YorkerContinue reading “Downbound Train: The kids think Springsteen is all right”

The American Idea, According to Bruce Springsteen

Al Filreis, the UPenn prof who knows as much about American poetry as nearly anyone alive (heck, he has roughly twelve freaking blogs on the subject) links to a big story in the inevitable New York Times about Bruce Springsteen, and endorses the idea that Springsteen is "The Rock Laureate." Jon Pareles is a goodContinue reading “The American Idea, According to Bruce Springsteen”