NBA stats guys pick Miami, but blew it on Dallas/Lakers

Here's an odd fact to mull going into the good-looking NBA Finals war between Dallas and Miami: Not one NBA statistician polled by ESPN picked Dallas to win this bout. Henry Abbott explains: The TrueHoop Stat Geek Smackdown features eight participants. Two pick the Mavericks to win the 2011 NBA Finals — the other sixContinue reading “NBA stats guys pick Miami, but blew it on Dallas/Lakers”

How to understand the unemployment numbers

A slight fall in the number of new jobless claims has thrilled Wall Street. This is great news, and as I wrote in a long economic story a couple of weeks ago, there is reason to think a recovery is on the way.  But for perspective, lets look at the unemployment numbers geographically, courtesy ofContinue reading “How to understand the unemployment numbers”