Pessimism Lite: It’s the New Optimism!

Ted Rall has really been on a roll lately. I can't prove this to you in his space, since his site has come up with a devious ploy to make his editorial cartoons difficult to reproduce. As a blogger who tries conscientiously (I think) to give credit where credit is due, and makes no moneyContinue reading “Pessimism Lite: It’s the New Optimism!”

“Burn All the Fossil Fuels” Right Here, Right Now

Ted Rall gets the fundamental absurdity of John McCain’s position on drilling right (below). Yes, we can drill more, and possibly (according to the Energy Information Administration) reduce the price of gas by three or four cents in 2028. (To specify, if we opened ANWR to drilling, the price of oil would fall by betweenContinue reading ““Burn All the Fossil Fuels” Right Here, Right Now”

Victims of Communism, victim of capitalism

No political cartoonist outrages right-wingers more than Ted Rall, but that’s because he has less than zero respect for militarism, which drives the so-called conservatives wild. Rall also has had the nerve to criticize victims and victims groups, and appear on right-wing talk shows, and be a member of Generation X. I don’t always agreeContinue reading “Victims of Communism, victim of capitalism”