Daniel Larison: GOP is a party about nothing

Strange irony of the political punditry today: Nobody, but nobody, has been tougher on the GOP than the gang at The American Conservative. Here's Daniel Larison on what the Republicans will learn from their loss this fall:  The GOP’s predicament is that it is mostly running on nothing, or at least nothing that isn’t aContinue reading “Daniel Larison: GOP is a party about nothing”

True Conservativism

In a new book of essays by Gore Vidal, Jay Parini describes old-fashioned conservatism succinctly. "…Vidal is conservative in many respects,” writes Parini. “He stands behind individual choice, the limitation of executive power, and preservation of the environment. Like his grandfather, he dislikes the empire. … He would return us, if possible, to the pureContinue reading “True Conservativism”

The Psychology of “the Mindset” that Got Us into the War in Iraq

As brilliantly defined by Prof. Andrew Bacevich, of The American Conservative: The Iraq War represents the ultimate manifestation of the American expectation that the exercise of power abroad offers a corrective to whatever ailments afflict us at home. Rather than setting our own house in order, we insist on the world accommodating itself to ourContinue reading “The Psychology of “the Mindset” that Got Us into the War in Iraq”

Patriotism vs. Nationalism (Barack, Are You Listening?)

Daniel Larison explains: …this is the crucial difference between patriotism and nationalism: patriotism is love of one’s country and defensive, while nationalism is expressed typically through contempt and fear of other nations and a will to power over other nations.  The Iraq war was made possible by a propaganda campaign by the government, the exploitationContinue reading “Patriotism vs. Nationalism (Barack, Are You Listening?)”