The risks of profit dependence: McKibben and Toles

In the Guardian on Friday, Bill McKibben published an essay:  …Because the one thing we've never really imagined is going to the supermarket and finding it empty. What the events reveal is the thinness of the margin on which modernity lives. There's not a country in the world more modern and civilised than Japan; itsContinue reading “The risks of profit dependence: McKibben and Toles”

The nihilistic American voter

As a couple of veteran Washington observers have recently noted, the American voter of today is something of a nihilist. He doesn't really know what he wants, but he sure as hell knows what he doesn't want: what he's got.  Here's Doyle McManus, in an opinion column in the Los Angeles Times today, on theContinue reading “The nihilistic American voter”

Ignoring a mortal threat: Appeasing climate change

A couple of weeks ago Tom Toles, in his witty but sharp way, brought up a powerful argument in the climate opinion wars. To ignore climate change, a mortal threat to our way of life, he said is comparable to appeasing Hitler in the late 1930's. Toles wrote:  let me be the first to haulContinue reading “Ignoring a mortal threat: Appeasing climate change”

A heated rant against deniers: Tom Toles

The great Tom Toles, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, said to be the 48th most-powerful man in D.C. by one survey, has a nifty new website, complete with rants. Last Friday the heat got under his collar, and he turned on climate change deniers, who love warm winters, and see warm temps at that timeContinue reading “A heated rant against deniers: Tom Toles”

Dangerous gases, by Tom Toles

Love the mordant subhead on this one by Tom Toles, who once again insists on keeping his eye on the ball.  Well, that is, once again he insists on making us look at what we must face but would rather not, which is threat of climate change.  Is there a better advocate for confronting theContinue reading “Dangerous gases, by Tom Toles”