The unbearable whiteness of Wild: a black perspective

Perhaps the most interesting meditation on the movie Wild to date comes from Brandon Harris on the Talking Points Memo site. He frames the question a little less provocatively than my headline wondering: Why is camping a white thing?  He points out that the one black character of any stature in Wild, a self-described hobo,Continue reading “The unbearable whiteness of Wild: a black perspective”

Cheryl Strayed: To turn our suffering into beauty

From an unusually rich interview in The Millions, the friendliest of literary sites, with Cheryl Strayed, the author of the great and influential Wild:  Cheryl Strayed: I’ve always thought that the important thing is to turn our suffering into beauty. And the image of the phoenix rising from the ashes has always been super-cool to me,Continue reading “Cheryl Strayed: To turn our suffering into beauty”

What we have over-run and on which we rely

Here's a lovely profile of a poet new to me, Kim Stafford, from High Country News' Uncommon Westerners features series.  The writer finds Stafford in a coffee shop in Portland. Nearby, writes Tara Rae Miner, is "a strip of untamed land, bounded by busy roads in a dense, urban landscape. It is not a park,Continue reading “What we have over-run and on which we rely”

Rehabilitating — not Restoring — California’s Rivers

From a thoughtful interview posted on the wonderful Earth and Sky site, a look at California rivers yesterday and today with Prof. Jeff Mount of UC Davis. At one point he mentions that when Congress gave the "wild and scenic river" designation to a dozen or so California rivers, "they got half of it rightContinue reading “Rehabilitating — not Restoring — California’s Rivers”