Planet Gets Hot–Wants Revenge

As wildfires rage in early March in Southern California, the NYTimes runs on the front page a story by Michael Cieply about environmental revenge. Several big movies, including a monster movie by James Cameron (of Terminator fame) will show the humans threatened by the consequences of damaged environments.

The plots are closely-guarded secrets, but the idea is simple, at its core: "a monster [is] created by environmental change." For more on this, please see the rest of the post at Grist.

For now, please enjoy this snap of one of the good guys (I think) of the upcoming Transformers, which is about robots fleeing a civil war on another planet. They come to earth looking for peace and sanctuary. Fools!


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3 thoughts on “Planet Gets Hot–Wants Revenge

  1. Check out the Korean monster movie that’s just been released in the United States, “The Host.” Not only is it the highest-grossing film in Korean film history, but the movie may be the granddaddy of a whole new genre, “Earth Gets Revenge,” which is actually a variation on the old 1950s monster movies where the subtext seemed to be “Atomic Radiation Is Not Necessarily Good For You.”


  2. Thanks, Mike. Based on your recommendation, I will take a look at “The Host” asap. I remember reading your comments on “Dreamgirls,” which as you said had some moments, but just wasn’t all that it promised. I wanted to believe otherwise (being a Motown fan) but you were absolutely right.


  3. That recommendation was based on hearsay, but I actually saw the movie today. Though I’d still recommend it, be warned that the movie is very weird and very Korean. The black humor is unlike anything we’re really used to, and I know that from seeing the director’s earlier film, “Memories of Murder,” where there were a few scenes you couldn’t tell if you were supposed to be laughing or horrified or both.

    So do check out “The Host” and do write about it. I’d really be interested in your take.


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