Drought Forecast Ahead, but…

…can’t get into that today. For now, here’s one piece of interesting news, courtesy of the WSJ: Coal Industry Faces Bleak Future.

The coal industry faces a bleak future unless ways are developed on a commercial scale to capture and store carbon dioxide in the campaign against global warming, according to a study released Wednesday.

Here’s a web version of the study from MIT, which includes a fascinating chart comparing how various climate change issues are reaching the public in three countries. Surprisingly, even though the British public anecdotally is more alarmed than the American public about global warming, more news about climate change seems to be registering with poll respondents in the US. Hmmm.

Funny, just thinking about coal for a minute makes me feel a little dirty, a little used. Perhaps that’s because it really is "the enemy of the human race," as my editor memorably put it.

Here’s the question the pollsters asked: Have you heard or read about any of the following in the last year?


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