The Wit Detector (Theater 150 edition)

Theater 150 in Ojai, California, is a hotbed of humor, both amateur and professional. Comedian (or, as they say in the biz, comic) Cary Odes teaches a class three or four times a year for those who want to try their hand at making others laugh, for one, and the Theater 150 stage also attracts a parade of funny people — many of them musicians.

Here’s a sampling, just from the past weekend:

A white-haired lady from Cary’s class, CaroleJo, about 70, who looks nice, but admits she’s not — “I’m a bitch.” She goes on to tell the crowd that her kind of pickiness just doesn’t sound as good in a nursery rhyme for kids as does the traditional kindly grandma. Imagine how it would sound if sung…

”Here we go to Grandmother’s house, to get some cri-ti-si-sm…”

A gorgeous teenager named Kelsey Westphal, all of 17, does a standup routine with barely a trace of self-consciousness, and includes this line about this pretty little town of Ojai, CA…

"Ojai is so scary — the adults are more stoned than the kids.”

Bonus line, from John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, performing with his kids Nathan and Jonathan:

“People don’t know it, but I’m a Californian. I was born in Oakland. My first words were: “Hey, get me out of here!”

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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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