Summer’s End (via John Prine)

John Prine brought out a record this year, his first in thirteen years, that has fans and critics alike raving (and won the Artist of the Year Award at the Americana awards in Nashville). The best song on the record — or at least the prettiest — is Summer’s End, of which I cannot getContinue reading “Summer’s End (via John Prine)”

The Wit Detector (Theater 150 edition)

Theater 150 in Ojai, California, is a hotbed of humor, both amateur and professional. Comedian (or, as they say in the biz, comic) Cary Odes teaches a class three or four times a year for those who want to try their hand at making others laugh, for one, and the Theater 150 stage also attractsContinue reading “The Wit Detector (Theater 150 edition)”