Global Warming: Republicans For It Still

If actions speak louder than words, then Republicans still want more global warming.

That’s the message of an entertaining but hard-hitting column by the great Jonathan Chait in this week’s issue of The New Republic. He states the ideological case wittily up front:

Republicans are no longer denying the scientific basis for global
warming. That’s good news for those of us who have grown accustomed to
the continued existence of things like polar sea ice, various forms of
life, and Miami. The bad news is that Republicans, having seen the
light, have fallen back on the possibly even more annoying stance of
simply refusing to do anything about the problem.

But this is not just politics: it’s also about a tax break for the oil companies, which — amazingly — the GOP is still fighting for tooth-and-nail, despite shockingly-high gas prices, astounding oil company profits, and an unpopular war fought, in part, over oil. Read it all: it’s worth every word, and the magazine has made this "green" issue free on the web, for which they deserve attention and praise.

Personally, this GOP-backed tax break for oil companies screams election issue to me. But of course, I’m a hopeless idealist, a wonk, and a believer in global warming, so likely out of step with the electorate.

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