Climate scientists not pushing back against denialism, says American Geophysical Union

A story Sunday in the Los Angeles Times reported that climate scientists were joining in an effort to "push back" against a rise tide of climate change denial. The story said that Monday the American Geophysical Union would announce an effort by 700 scientists to "speak out as experts." But today the AGU said no,Continue reading “Climate scientists not pushing back against denialism, says American Geophysical Union”

Environmentalists Accused of Climate Denialism

Great to see a writer without a famous name roil the blogosphere, as Adam Sacks sets off a storm with an accusation flung in the face of fellow environmentalists on Grist: We're deniers every time we say “80 percent by 2050,” or even “80 percent by 2020”; every time we refer to tipping points inContinue reading “Environmentalists Accused of Climate Denialism”

Global Warming: Republicans For It Still

If actions speak louder than words, then Republicans still want more global warming. That’s the message of an entertaining but hard-hitting column by the great Jonathan Chait in this week’s issue of The New Republic. He states the ideological case wittily up front: Republicans are no longer denying the scientific basis for global warming. That’sContinue reading “Global Warming: Republicans For It Still”