London to Zanskar, Tibet: 99 Pounds

I’m not a fan of most web video, which all too often looks crappy, sounds frantic, and desperately wants to be noticed, but for every rule there is an exception, and here’s a great one.

A story you’ve never heard, with great video from a journey from London to Tibet…in l958. The three housewives who impulsively went on the trip — with funding from Ovaltine! — narrate in the present over footage and photos of them from the past on their trip over the Himalayas.

You will be amazed and astounded, I dare suggest, by the story and video from the UK Telegraph.

Here’s the print version, which is fascinating, but cannot compare to the live footage.

Especially wonderful for film fans is the opening, which employs the classic dissolve of a map into a journey…

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