Rickshaw Run: the ultimate journey-not-destination

Nick Anderman, a near-relative — my daughter's boyfriend — is with three other friends adventuring through India in a fundraising race via underpowered ricksaw, which, as this writer for the Atlantic points out this month, is pretty much the ultimate journey-not-destination. Nick and his pals are avoiding the big cities because they're impossible to cross in aContinue reading “Rickshaw Run: the ultimate journey-not-destination”

What Tennessee Williams really thought of the movies

The writer character named Tom, widely agreed to be a stand-in for Tennessee Williams himself, in his aria on the movies from a great production of The Glass Menagerie running in Los Angeles now: Tom:Yes, movies! Look at them [a wave towards the theaters outside] All of those glamorous people — having adventures, hogging it all,Continue reading “What Tennessee Williams really thought of the movies”

London to Zanskar, Tibet: 99 Pounds

I’m not a fan of most web video, which all too often looks crappy, sounds frantic, and desperately wants to be noticed, but for every rule there is an exception, and here’s a great one. A story you’ve never heard, with great video from a journey from London to Tibet…in l958. The three housewives whoContinue reading “London to Zanskar, Tibet: 99 Pounds”