The Storm (we can’t see)

A new poem from Charles Simic, current poet laureate of the US, on an oncoming storm we cannot seem to see…is this about AGW? You can decide for yourself…


I’m going over to see what those weeds
By the stone wall are worried about.
Perhaps, they don’t care for the way
The shadows creep across the lawn
In the silence of the afternoon.

The sky keeps being blue,
Though we hear no birds,
See no butterflies among the flowers
Or ants running over our feet.

Trees, you bend your branches ever so slightly
In deference to something
About to make its entrance
Of which we know nothing,
Spellbound as we are by the deepening quiet,
The light just beginning to dim.

(photo "Before the Storm" from Andrew Lee, of the UK, a pro on Flickr)


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

3 thoughts on “The Storm (we can’t see)

  1. Beautiful haunting poem, yes. Could very well be about AGW, yes.

    saw your post about this at Dot Earth. good link.


    also liked your qutoing on vonnegut poem, earlier last year. Requiem i think.

    I liked Vonnegut’s idea that the USA govt should have had a Secretary of the Future…….did you ever see that cartoon?


  2. Boy, another great idea from Kurt Vonnegut…he had so many.

    No, I hadn’t heard of that. Perhaps should’ve! Do you remember what book that was in?


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