Atmospheric River press conference at AGU 2012

This press conference at the AGU (American Geophysical Union's fall meeting) this year is brilliantly timed, coming just two years after a series of big AR storms surprised Southern California, and a week or so after one hit Northern California.  Improving forecasts of “Pineapple Expresses”Monday, 3 December1:30 p.m. NOAA scientists and colleagues are installing theContinue reading “Atmospheric River press conference at AGU 2012”

Accuweather: Storm is “war on the Southwest”

Oh, c'mon. Now Accuweather is just getting silly: The last and strongest in the train of Pacific storms will unleash a new round of flooding rain, mudslides, feet of mountain snow, damaging winds and severe thunderstorms on California and the Southwest into Friday. Is is an all out weather war being waged by the atmosphereContinue reading “Accuweather: Storm is “war on the Southwest””

Red sky at morning (on the coast, before today’s storm)

From the often-beautiful photoblog of Veronique du Turenne, taken early this morning along the coast: The supposedly "unrelenting" storms for SoCal this week, which were said to have the potential of as much as 15-20 inches of rain, have so far been quite moderate: two inches in our area today. But tomorrow we have flashContinue reading “Red sky at morning (on the coast, before today’s storm)”

The Storm (we can’t see)

A new poem from Charles Simic, current poet laureate of the US, on an oncoming storm we cannot seem to see…is this about AGW? You can decide for yourself… THE STORM I’m going over to see what those weeds By the stone wall are worried about. Perhaps, they don’t care for the way The shadowsContinue reading “The Storm (we can’t see)”