Newt and Nancy: Together — for the First Time Ever!

Yours truly wasn’t thrilled with the first major TV ad from the Alliance for Climate Protection, because I think both Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson are frauds, each in his own way, but this one — featuring Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrinch — makes me smile. They look so cute together!

On a more serious note, I think southpaws should give Newt credit for the courage of his convictions. Take a look at this comments page from his pollster friend Whit Ayres’ Terra Rossa site and you’ll see his "conversion" on this issue was not greeted with acclaim…far from it. From his perspective, seems to me that Gingrich had little to gain and a great to lose. (Heck, Rush Limbaugh may never speak to him again.) I respect those who will take a risk for the sake of our climate.   

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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