Clint Eastwood: It’s halftime in America

A TV news station asks the horserace question about perhaps the biggest ad of the Superbowl this year: Clint Eastwood's. Which has to do with "Imported from Detroit" car company. Will this be as big a hit as was last year's adored Emimem commercial? Short answer: Yes. As with the rapper, Eastwood risks his credibilityContinue reading “Clint Eastwood: It’s halftime in America”

Defenders of Wildlife Ad Moves the Needle — Against Palin

Check out this great Internet graphic from a company — Media Curves — that uses focus groups to test responses from three groups — Democrats, Independents, and Republicans — to political ads. Fascinating results. Watching approval rating in action, you can see suspension of disbelief play out: the spectrum ranges from "Completely Believable" to "NotContinue reading “Defenders of Wildlife Ad Moves the Needle — Against Palin”

Newt and Nancy: Together — for the First Time Ever!

Yours truly wasn’t thrilled with the first major TV ad from the Alliance for Climate Protection, because I think both Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson are frauds, each in his own way, but this one — featuring Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrinch — makes me smile. They look so cute together! On a more seriousContinue reading “Newt and Nancy: Together — for the First Time Ever!”