Obama Claims American Voters Not Stupid

This blog has been pounding the issue of the gas tax "holiday" because it’s the one serious issue with enviro implications that’s developed in the campaigns over the last month.

Turns out it may have been decisive.

As Jonathan Alter of Newsweek wrote:

Obama’s decision to push back on the gas tax actually worked.
Refusing to pander reminded his base among college-educated voters of
the reasons they liked him in the first place.       

also helped Obama recover his rhythm. After watching him sink some
baskets on Sunday, I had a few words with him. "I feel really good
about that [the gas tax position]," he said. "We had veered into the
conventional, and now we’re back."

This was a huge gamble and it paid

Last night on a plane with the press, Obama’s campaign director David Axelrod also discussed the gas tax "holiday," which Clinton pushed hard. According to the WSJ’s Washington Wire, a reporter asked Axelrod why it worked:

The reply was blunt: “Because it was a stupid idea and we said so.”

You mean Obama and his campaign believes the American voter isn’t stupid? Whoa. Radical…

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