Humiliation planned for losing candidate: Romney set

The most astonishing book of the year to date around here is critic Wayne Koestenbaum's Humiliation, from 2011, a pained confessional essay about being brought low, about being crushed, about what the pain of embarrassment, shame, and mortification brings to a sufferer.     Tomorrow the media pillory that Koestenbaum describes so well will begin (it's alreadyContinue reading “Humiliation planned for losing candidate: Romney set”

The conventions and global warming: Let’s forget

Jonathan Chait points out some perfectly obvious but little noticed national jujitsu that Bill Clinton threw us for last night:  In an otherwise factual and persuasive speech, Bill Clinton made one argument so astonishingly brass I half-expected the crowd to laugh him out of the hall. It came when Clinton cited his own presidency asContinue reading “The conventions and global warming: Let’s forget”

Obama Claims American Voters Not Stupid

This blog has been pounding the issue of the gas tax "holiday" because it’s the one serious issue with enviro implications that’s developed in the campaigns over the last month. Turns out it may have been decisive. As Jonathan Alter of Newsweek wrote: Obama’s decision to push back on the gas tax actually worked. RefusingContinue reading “Obama Claims American Voters Not Stupid”

“Gas Tax Holiday” Will Flop, Experts Say

Now that the would-be Panderer-in-Chief, Hillary Clinton, has joined with Republican candidate John McCain in calling for a "gas tax holiday" this summer, the Wa-Po’s "Fact Checker" asks: Will it work? Short answer: no. Why? Two words: supply and demand. Some economists say that a nationwide "gas tax holiday" would have even less impact onContinue reading ““Gas Tax Holiday” Will Flop, Experts Say”