No One Frames an Election Better than Bill Clinton

As Barack Obama, Matt Miller (of the influential radio show Left, Right and Center), and now Frank Rich of The New York Times all agreed, a well-known Democrat gave one heck of a speech this week at the Democratic National Convention.

No one frames an election better than Bill Clinton.

Here, I think, is the crux of his case:

People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power. 


at the example the Republicans have set: American workers have given us
consistently rising productivity. They’ve worked harder and produced
more.  What did they get in return? Declining wages, less than ¼ as
many new jobs as in the previous eight years, smaller health care and
pension benefits, rising poverty and the biggest increase in income
inequality since the 1920s.  American families by the millions are
struggling with soaring health care costs and declining coverage.  I
will never forget the parents of children with autism and other severe
conditions who told me on the campaign trail that they couldn’t afford
health care and couldn’t qualify their kids for Medicaid unless they
quit work or got a divorce.  Are these the family values the
Republicans are so proud of? What about the military families pushed to
the breaking point by unprecedented multiple deployments? What about
the assault on science and the defense of torture? What about the war
on unions and the unlimited favors for the well connected?  What about
Katrina and cronyism?


America can do better than that. And Barack Obama will.


But first we have to elect him.

And here’s Bill Clinton in the media wilderness, courtesy of Cheapfilm:



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