The one-liners of election night 2012 (mostly comedy)

Seems like we've been hearing a lot of pissing and moaning about the horribleness of the election season; well, now that it's over and the President and a lot of other decent people have carried the day, may I confess that I've rather enjoyed it?  Here are just some of the lines of election nightContinue reading “The one-liners of election night 2012 (mostly comedy)”

The undecided voter: Hating the hating of politics

Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post is one of the best of this nation's roughly 40,000 reporters, a man who likes complicated science stories, but also a shoeleather reporter ready and willing to go on a hunt to hardscrabble Ohio in search of that mythical beast, the undecided voter. How does he find him (or her?)Continue reading “The undecided voter: Hating the hating of politics”

Epic win for greens on Keystone XL: Dave Roberts

The Grist editor writes:  For a year now, courageous activists, Midwestern farmers, unions, and indigenous groups have rallied in an unprecedented display of public opposition to the destructive Keystone XL pipeline proposal. That grassroots movement pushed us to the brink of victory — and today, it seems, the GOP has pushed us over the line.Continue reading “Epic win for greens on Keystone XL: Dave Roberts”

Unemployment falls, surprising/pleasing pundits

The New Yorker is thrilled: This is the best piece of economic news that President Obama has received in many a moon. On CNBC’s Squawk Box, a former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers said, “The trend I am seeing … is that things have turned around.” And he went on: “PeopleContinue reading “Unemployment falls, surprising/pleasing pundits”

The Closed-Door President

Has this ever happened before in American electoral history? President Bush is so unpopular that he has not appeared in public in a single event in support of a Republican candidate this election year. According to CBS News: Not once this year has President Bush appeared in public at a campaign rally for the RepublicanContinue reading “The Closed-Door President”

No One Frames an Election Better than Bill Clinton

As Barack Obama, Matt Miller (of the influential radio show Left, Right and Center), and now Frank Rich of The New York Times all agreed, a well-known Democrat gave one heck of a speech this week at the Democratic National Convention. No one frames an election better than Bill Clinton. Here, I think, is theContinue reading “No One Frames an Election Better than Bill Clinton”

Democrats Poised for November Landslipe, Economic Model Predicts

Krugman runs the numbers and concludes: Right now, GDP is flat (falling in the monthly estimates); Bush has a negative net approval of 30 percent or more; and people are tired of Republicans. So it ought to be a smashing Democratic victory. When I plug current numbers into the Abramowitz model (making a guess aboutContinue reading “Democrats Poised for November Landslipe, Economic Model Predicts”