McCain Speaks, Nation Yawns

Well, maybe I’m a little biased. But that’s how it seemed to me. Charles Lane, on the Wa-Po’s Post-Partisan blog, called it (here) "a snoozer…easily the worst of this year’s four presidential and vice presidential nomination acceptance speeches."

Another viewer counted at least nine on-air yawns from Republican delegates in the hall.

Notable facts:

Mentions of the word "fight":       28

Mentions of George Bush:             0

Mentions of global warming:         0

Mentions of immigration:              0

My better half saw a lonely man in the crowd of delegates holding up a sign that read: "Environmentalists for McCain." She suggested it really would make more sense without the "s."

Amen. And does anyone really believe that McCain could end "partisan rancor?" After he unleashes his attack dog on Obama the night before, to rapturous applause?

Well…on to the general election. Can’t wait.

Oh wait! I’m not alone in my estimation of the speech. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson found it "…rather typical for a Republican. Pretty disappointing." And Jeffrey Toobin was much tougher. See here:

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