McClatchy: Obama launches war on coal

Commentary on Obama's big climate speech of a couple of weeks ago — which Al Gore called the best speech ever given on the topic by a president, but which was completely eclipsed by the Supreme Court just hours later — was nonetheless fascinating. The McClatchy chain of newspapers focused in its lead on the negative,Continue reading “McClatchy: Obama launches war on coal”

When the GOP cared about air pollution: Obama

Today President Obama gave a speech on climate, and reminded the world that once we had a political consensus on the need to reduce pollution in our atmosphere.  Forty-three years ago, Congress passed a law called the Clean Air Act of 1970.  (Applause.)  It was a good law.  The reasoning behind it was simple:  NewContinue reading “When the GOP cared about air pollution: Obama”

Obama in Berlin calls for action on climate (allegedly)

Today on a 91-degree day in Berlin, Obama makes what has been described by the NYTimes and many others as a major speech on climate. Here's what he said on the subject: Peace with justice means refusing to condemn our children to a harsher, less hospitable planet. The efforts to slow climate change requires bold action,Continue reading “Obama in Berlin calls for action on climate (allegedly)”

The Tucson Memorial speech

The news event of this month has been, without question, the horrific assassination attempt and mass shooting in Tucson, the shock and horror of experiencing that, and the extraordinarily uplifting speech President Obama gave in response, many days later, at a memorial.  Never have I seen a speech so widely admired, across the political spectrum.Continue reading “The Tucson Memorial speech”

McCain Speaks, Nation Yawns

Well, maybe I’m a little biased. But that’s how it seemed to me. Charles Lane, on the Wa-Po’s Post-Partisan blog, called it (here) "a snoozer…easily the worst of this year’s four presidential and vice presidential nomination acceptance speeches." Another viewer counted at least nine on-air yawns from Republican delegates in the hall. Notable facts: MentionsContinue reading “McCain Speaks, Nation Yawns”

Sarah Palin Has Her Way with Matthew Scully

Sarah Palin’s speech this evening was written by Matthew Scully, a Republican speechwriter, says the WSJ. Scully is a fine writer and gave Palin an solid text, but anyone who has ever read Scully on hunting or factory farms must wonder how he really feels about writing for a candidate who is not only anContinue reading “Sarah Palin Has Her Way with Matthew Scully”