From Shock to Trance: Gore Praises Obama’s Analysis

You can almost hear the relish in Al Gore's voice as he digs into the details of climate policy with Fahreed Zakaria of Newsweek in a Q&A called Don't Count on Magic.

And although Gore doesn't seem have much faith that Congress will do the right thing, he did speak up for the President, er, my mistake, the President-Elect.

Oil prices have dropped to $50 a barrel. Are we back to the old cycle—oil gets cheaper, and demand for alternative energy dies?

I don't think we're going to fall for it this time. I was very impressed with the language used by president-elect Barack Obama
in his "60 Minutes" interview. He said, This is our pattern: We go from
shock to trance. After the Arab OPEC oil embargo of '73, and then the
OPEC crisis of '79, when prices went up, we had this feeling of
urgency. Then when the price goes back down, it dissipates quickly. We
cannot allow ourselves to be vulnerable to that anymore.


[Pic of Al Gore speaking at U. of Miami in Feb 07]

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