The conventions and global warming: Let’s forget

Jonathan Chait points out some perfectly obvious but little noticed national jujitsu that Bill Clinton threw us for last night:  In an otherwise factual and persuasive speech, Bill Clinton made one argument so astonishingly brass I half-expected the crowd to laugh him out of the hall. It came when Clinton cited his own presidency asContinue reading “The conventions and global warming: Let’s forget”

Climate change denial at Drudge

The day after an excellent story by Justin Gillis in the Times lays out the impact of climate change denial in the GOP re: science, the popular right-wing Drudge site headlines theastonishing number of weather-related disasters that hit the U.S. this year — 2011: The year in extreme weather. Included was a NASA satellite pictureContinue reading “Climate change denial at Drudge”

From Shock to Trance: Gore Praises Obama’s Analysis

You can almost hear the relish in Al Gore's voice as he digs into the details of climate policy with Fahreed Zakaria of Newsweek in a Q&A called Don't Count on Magic. And although Gore doesn't seem have much faith that Congress will do the right thing, he did speak up for the President, er,Continue reading “From Shock to Trance: Gore Praises Obama’s Analysis”