Sunbathing in Scotland by 2060?

From the staid London Times:

The government’s chief scientific adviser has warned that climate change could
destabilise populations across Europe, potentially triggering a wave of
migrants heading for cooler regions such as the British Isles and

Professor John Beddington believes that, without deep cuts in greenhouse gas
emissions, average temperatures could rise by about 6C by 2060 in countries
including Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

This would make most cities unbearably hot in summer, while destroying
agriculture and turning much of southern Europe into a desert. The result
could be that millions of people will migrate northwards.

“It is going to be extremely unpleasant to live in southern Europe and may not
be feasible for the current level of population so many people may need to
move,” said Beddington. “Northern Europe will be a far more attractive place
to live.”

But summering in Scotland may be a vain hope on my part. Recently the rains in summer there have been awful, I hear from visitors and reporters alike. Aberdeen had its wettest summer since l943, with the equivalent of a month's rain in a singe day, according to the BBC.

Here's a picture of an Aberdeen street in early September from Mark McHardy:


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