Precipitous insect decline: collapse of nature?

This week a Dutch cartoonist with beauty dramatized a horrifying new study warning of “the collapse of nature.” Yes, that statement seems extreme, but the art contextualizes it as form of suicide. Or even worse, as a form of ecocide-suicide. First our species exterminates the insects, and then their decline unravels nature. The study, freely available fromContinue reading “Precipitous insect decline: collapse of nature?”

The birds of the Americas, passing thru

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a map of the migration of 118 species of birds in the Western hemisphere: [On this map none of these species have reached Southern California yet; actually, a few have reached Ventura County, I think. Saw some chickadee like birds on a walk. Though I read that this hasContinue reading “The birds of the Americas, passing thru”

“We will not leave our problems for our children unresolved”: Marco Rubio

Senator-elect Marco Rubio gave a fascinating speech Tuesday night in Florida. It's been widely broadcast, major portions even on All Things Considered, but hasn't been available in print on the Web (not that I have found, anyhow). So here, as a public service, let me present the two-edged sword of Republican idealism and denial.  Americans believeContinue reading ““We will not leave our problems for our children unresolved”: Marco Rubio”

Why would you want to leave coastal California?

That's what Monarch butterflies in SoCal are thinking. Makes one wonder how hard-wired some of these so-called "instincts" really are. Here's a picture of garden designer David Snow petting a Monarch caterpillar. A fun story for me to cover…off again now to the Sierras, this time to the Thousand-Island Lake area. Back a week fromContinue reading “Why would you want to leave coastal California?”

Sunbathing in Scotland by 2060?

From the staid London Times: The government’s chief scientific adviser has warned that climate change could destabilise populations across Europe, potentially triggering a wave of migrants heading for cooler regions such as the British Isles and Scandinavia. Professor John Beddington believes that, without deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, average temperatures could rise by aboutContinue reading “Sunbathing in Scotland by 2060?”