Stars (not seen before)

NASA is very excited about its newly-launched satellite called WISE, which will detect stars, "failed stars," asteroids, and other interstellar bodies with infra-red technology.

In the words of the press release:

To sense
the infrared glow of stars and galaxies, the WISE spacecraft cannot give off
any detectable infrared light of its own. This is accomplished by chilling the
telescope and detectors to ultra-cold temperatures. The coldest of WISE's
detectors will operate at less than 8 Kelvin, or minus 445 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here's the "first light" image, of the Carina constellation, including about 3,000 stars. This in a portion of the sky about three
times as big as the moon.

Appears the image is even more impressive than the technology.


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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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