I think we are inside a flower, under a pollen of stars

Love this one, called Kauai, via the almost always worthy Poetry Daily:  We’ve come back to the site of   her conception. She calls it why and cries all night, sleepless, wild. It seems the way is always floating and the goal — to live so the ghosts we were don’t trail us and echo. I thinkContinue reading “I think we are inside a flower, under a pollen of stars”

Seeing the stars in the 21st century…or not

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times ran a superb story called A Desert Plea: Let there be darkness about light pollution spreading from the city out into the desert, many many miles away. This is something we noticed when we moved from the city out to the sticks ourselves — in ourselves. Put simply, country people areContinue reading “Seeing the stars in the 21st century…or not”

Stars (not seen before)

NASA is very excited about its newly-launched satellite called WISE, which will detect stars, "failed stars," asteroids, and other interstellar bodies with infra-red technology. In the words of the press release: To sense the infrared glow of stars and galaxies, the WISE spacecraft cannot give off any detectable infrared light of its own. This isContinue reading “Stars (not seen before)”