Reporters track, catch, release scientists at work in field

Not with electronic tags (though I suspect some reporters would love to do that). With their co-operation. Some great stories have resulted in just the past couple of weeks.

Here's on one the wandering of a mountain lion through SoCal, as reported on the front page of the Los Angeles Times.

One statistic stands out: Of 53 mountain lions that have been trapped,
tranquilized and collared, 19 have been killed by vehicles or shot, far
more than have died from natural causes.

"The closer lions are to people, the more likely they're going to die,"
[wildlife expert Winston] Vickers said. "Any interaction with humans, broadly speaking, will
likely end up badly for the lion."

And here's a terrific story on a scientist working preserve the endangered yellow-legged frog (in the Sierra), with some great pictures besides, from the New York Times:


I admire the work (of both the researchers and the reporters) and yes, I'm a smidge envious. Boy that looks like fun, working in the Dusy Basin!

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