“Real Science” denier site called out by real scientist

Look at this chart from researchers at the University of Bremen, via a compilation page of scientific Arctic data sources, and ask yourself: What trend do you see?  Now look at the same basic question — how much of the Arctic is covered by ice, in recent years — from the point of Steven Goddard, whoContinue reading ““Real Science” denier site called out by real scientist”

Reporters track, catch, release scientists at work in field

Not with electronic tags (though I suspect some reporters would love to do that). With their co-operation. Some great stories have resulted in just the past couple of weeks. Here's on one the wandering of a mountain lion through SoCal, as reported on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. One statistic stands out:Continue reading “Reporters track, catch, release scientists at work in field”

A Scientist Who Can Write, Thank God

A lot of scientists — not all, but a good number, I must say — see to regard the English language as a mortal enemy which must be evaded with jargon, neutered with utterly emotionless prose, and crushed under heavy statistical arguments. Often I find that the graphics are the only legible part of aContinue reading “A Scientist Who Can Write, Thank God”