The Tucson Memorial speech

The news event of this month has been, without question, the horrific assassination attempt and mass shooting in Tucson, the shock and horror of experiencing that, and the extraordinarily uplifting speech President Obama gave in response, many days later, at a memorial. 

Never have I seen a speech so widely admired, across the political spectrum. Even right-winger Glenn Beck was said to approve, and Rush Limbaugh, though of course unable to say a single generous word ever about a Democrat, could not find a single specific fault with it. (Here's a transcript of Limbaugh's wrap-up discussion of the speech: as you can see, he makes nasty, juvenile remarks, but dares not point derisively to a single word or passage from the speech.)

I think, though sorrowful, that it's as great a speech as I have ever heard. When Obama talked about the little girl who was shot, Christina Taylor Green, and evocated her life and her spirit so beautifully, I could not help but hear the concern for his own children in his voice. One wonders what sort of threats have come in against not just the President when he's been in the White House, but his family too. 

On Post Secret, someone else has had much the same thought…Fearlives

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